10 things Dilbert cartoons taught me about presentations

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I’m a huge fan of Scott Adams’ Dilbert comic strip. It’s witty, wacky and sardonic humour is right up my alley. And anyone who’s experienced the joys of working life can relate to Dilbert’s corporate mishaps. We all have a Pointy-Haired Boss, a Wally, an Asok and an Alice in our lives.

But when it’s the pain of poorly executed presentations that Scott Adams is poking fun at, well then, I’m doubly delighted! So, without further ado, here are 10 things I learned about presentations, courtesy Dilbert.

1. Presentations are central to workplace culture

Honestly, how would we function without PowerPoint slides to look at?

2. Presentations can make or break your career

It’s true.

3. Presentations can be deathly boring

Actually, I already knew this one from experience.

4. Presentations can change the world

Pointy-haired bosses notwithstanding, PowerPoint can pack a punch.

5. Not all presentation tips are created equal

And please, don’t picture the audience naked either.

6. Your image choice in presentations is important

No to clipart, no to stock images and no to poorly drawn illustrations.

7. Making presentations can be painful

Unappreciative audiences are the worst.

8. Presenters must compete with smartphones

Ah smartphones… One of the many joys of presenting in the digital age.

9. Nobody likes a long presentation

But one slide is a little extreme.

10. Post-presentation Q&A can be hard

The torture is inevitable.

What else have you learned about presentations? Let us know in the comments! Or click here for more Dilbert.