How to present scientific research

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Scientists, engineers and inventors have important ideas to share with us.

And, for them, getting public acceptance of theories, securing funding and winning awards often depend on being able to communicate in a way that anyone can understand.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to talk about complex scientific concepts with the Average Joe.

Luckily, in this engaging 5-minute TED Talk, Melissa Marshall simplifies how to present scientific research.

Presentation ideas you can steal:

  1. Humanise your concepts – your audience wants to know what makes your research relevant to their lives
  2. Eliminate jargon – because we don’t know what “depolarizability” means
  3. Keep it simple as necessary, but no simpler – use examples, stories and analogies
  4. Drop the bullet points – use visuals and bold headlines instead

If you would like professional help in presenting your research in a compelling and powerful manner, talk to Show & Tell. We’ll ensure your research gets the attention it’s due with a creative and enthralling presentation.