Deliver better presentation by understanding your audience!

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Ever wonder why some audiences tend to get bored and distracted when we are presenting to them? In spite of the usefulness of the information we have, we struggle to hold our audiences attention and as a result may fail to convince them to act on the information we have to offer.

This scenario usually occurs when the presenter fails to establish an emotional connection with the audience. Presenter wrongly assume that audiences are compelled to listen to her because her information is useful, relevant and valuable. However, it is human nature to allocate and spend time on things that interest us rather than what does not. Our challenge, as presenters, is to win their [the audiences’] interest and hold on to it. To make your presentation pack a punch, you have to invest time to understand your audience, and find out what makes them tick and how you can use it to keep them riveted to your presentation. 

Motivate to act

The main objective of your presentation is to take your audience on a journey and encourage them to act or behave in a certain way.  Be it about a product, service, or idea your presentation should create a contrast between your audience’s present condition and how things could be made better. The human psyche is wired to avoid pain, seek security or pursue pleasure; naturally your audience will be inclined to make a choice that is in their best interest. 

Prepare for your presentation by first researching about your audience, understanding their needs and evaluating their biases. This will keep you one step ahead in developing a stellar presentation that gives you an insight to create something that resonates and appeals to the needs, desires and aspirations of your audience.  When they feel confident to convert their motivation to action, make sure you finish this journey with them with relevant and carefully curated content. However, a word of caution, it is important to strike a reasonable balance in being extremely specific as this would restrict the reach of your audience. So how do we achieve this?

The 3Cs of Presentations

Mastering the three Cs of Presentations will make you the maestro of your presentation. Comprising three elements-connect, communicate and convince,- this will help you position your argument in a manner designed to hold the interest of your audience. The premise of Connect  is to establish an emotional bond with your audience to get them interested in you, and the basis of Communicate is to help them rationalise the emotional decision they made through logical and carefully curated content that you deliver. Whereas, Convince is to motivate your audience to act on their decision. 

The very notion of understanding your audience with such depth is to enhance their view of your subject matter, and in relation to expose them to your mental framework of the same. After all, your audience will always take centre stage, which should make you ponder every time you prepare for a presentation; how well did you really think about your audience?