We would love to work on every presentation that comes our way. Unfortunately, sometimes we do not have the time or bandwidth to help.
We developed these workshops to share our knowledge and train your teams to improve how they approach, design and delivery presentations.
As the old adage goes, “give a man to fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to make better presentation, he will inspire his whole village to fish” or something like that.

Our Programs

Effective Presentations for Business Communications

In this program we teach participants how to approach presentations with an audience focused mindset, design better looking slides, and prepare for more compelling delivery.

Telling a Story with
your Data

Your data can be so much more than just numbers on a sheet. Learn how to think about, design and present your data in a way that your readers love to receive and act on your data reports.

Crafting a Powerful Pitch Deck

In these workshops, we help startup founders to discover and draft a powerful pitch deck for their startup that can help raise capital, stand-out at demo days and  startup competitions.

About the Trainer

Mafaz Ifharm

Chief Storyteller & Co-Founder of Show & Tell

Mafaz is the co-founder of Show & Tell, Sri Lanka’s first and only dedicated communication agency focused on presentations.

Since launching the company in 2015, he has personally been involved in designing and reimagining presentations for over 60 clients in USA, UK and Sri Lanka. With over 200 presentations under their belt, Show & Tell has earned its reputation as the go-to people for superior presentations.

Mafaz was formerly the CEO of a creative digital agency, and before then oversaw marketing and sales for a leading IT solutions company. In his professional career, he has been involved in presenting to many high-profile brands and closing several big-ticket projects for his companies.

A Toastmaster of 8 years, Mafaz is a passionate communicate and leader. Having served at various levels of the organisation, he continues to develop his skills in speaking, leading and design. He is currently serving as the District Public Relations Manager for District 82 of Toastmasters International (Sri Lanka).

Mafaz has led trainings for several leading brands in his various professional and volunteering capacities. He is a resource person for ICTA’s Startup Competition (Spiralation), he has conducted trainings for IEEE Innovation Nation and is a popular keynote speaker in the Toastmasters movement.

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