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Workshop: Effective Presentations for Business Communications

Presentations are, probably, the second most popular medium for business communications (after email). However, most of us approach presentations with the same mindset as we did during our undergraduate years – a means of demonstrating our knowledge expertise. The greatest business presenters, innately know, that a good presentation is a tool for motivating and persuading audiences and hone their skills through years of practice.

At Show & Tell, we have studied the masters and drawn from our own experiences to create a course that elevates the way your teams think about, design and deliver their presentations.

Program Details

Ideal for

Executive and Middle Management

Participants will be able to

  • Plan and select the best content for the presentation purpose
  • Create a story arc that will help the content to resonate with the audiences
  • Incorporate storytelling techniques to emotionally connect with their audience
  • Design slides that are visually engaging


8 week program (16 learning hours)

Participants (per batch)

10 participants

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Equipping your teams for success through effective presentations

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